The Harmony House Team

The creation of harmony house, centre for complementary therapies and on-line, or attended holistic therapy training, has been made possible by the dedication of husband and wife team Mark and Katy Rogers. Exuding unrivalled professionalism and extensive knowledge, their passion and commitment to helping others achieve positive change, and to bring about harmony and balance in their lives is remarkable. They have many clients who pay tribute to their skills.

By turning their backs on more conventional careers, to pursue their calling, they have been able to treat and reduce clients’ stress levels, provide relief from chronic ailments and encourage people to undertake beneficial lifestyle changes. And, thanks to their training academy, they have even enhanced the job prospects of many enthusiastic students.

Mark and Katy


Mark - Originally from Yorkshire, Mark had an enviable international rugby career, peaking with his captaincy of the Munich Rugby Club. He followed this up with a spell as a highly successful software engineer. After suffering from arthritis and hip problems he became interested in complementary therapies and his journey of discovery not only led him to uncover the benefits of treatment for himself but, also, to embark on a journey of life-long learning destined to benefit others. Now a highly qualified holistic therapist, Mark provides much welcome relief to others, together with the opportunity for enthusiasts to learn more about how to deliver Reiki, Reflexology and Massage treatments themselves.

Katy - a Glossop girl, began her career in retail management for J Sainsbury. After 12 successful years, at the pivotal age of thirty, she decided it was time to take stock of her life. A change of career brought Katy into further education as a tutor whilst her interest in holistic therapies began in 2002 with the discovery of Reiki after a chance meeting with a childhood friend. Her total belief in the importance of relaxation and desire to help others has since seen her become qualified in a variety of Massage treatments, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Life coaching, and more! Katy is a passionate believer in living the life you were born to live, using the talents you have to inspire and develop others to see the magic that there is in this world - even in the darkest of spaces hope, and positive change can be found.