eHarmony: The Good and the Bad

eHarmony: The Good and the Bad

If you are familiar with the world of online dating at all then you have probably heard of eHarmony, chances are good that you have even seen one of their commercials.  eHarmony claims to match people according to compatibility and it is considered one of the most popular sites in the industry.  As far as dating apps or sites go eHarmony dating is one of the best.  That being said it is not perfect and it doesn’t work for everyone, let’s have a look at both the good and bad along with how the site works.

Finding a Compatible Match

Unlike other dating sites when you put together your eHarmony profile it is going to much further in depth than you may be used to.  They have a special proprietary system that is supposed to help you match with someone that you can build a future with.  They bring an incredible amount of science to the art of romance.  eHarmony claims to be responsible for more than 40,000 weddings each year.

Men versus Women

On almost every dating site you go to there will be a disproportionate amount of men to women. One of the thing that eHarmony has done to shift the balance of men versus women is to not allow men who are looking for more casual encounters or one night stands.  They pride themselves on being the go-to site for finding a relationship.  Instead on eHarmony there are far more women than there are men.

How Does it All Work

Like any other dating site you need to sign up and fill out a profile, but with eHarmony it is a far more complicated process and you can spend an hour or more setting it up.  Bear in mind though that this is more of a matchmaking service so they want to be able to find you someone that you have some common ground with.  Once your profile is complete eHarmony will start sending you potential matches that you are free to contact.

Pay to Play

Unlike other dating sites there are no real free options here.  You cannot contact anyone or meet anyone on the site without paying for your membership.  Should someone that pays for membership contacts you, you are unable to respond without paying for the service.

If a relationship is what you are after rather than just trying to meet new people and find romance, then eHarmony is probably one of your best options.