Psychic Reading Testimonials

I first met Katy over a year ago when I had a psychic reading. Although I had had readings before from other mediums I was extremely impressed by the accuracy of this reading. Unlike some of the other mediums the reading was delivered without judgement and in a very calm and relaxing manner.

Over a year later later I decided to have another reading and knew straight away who to go to.
Katy is an extremely gifted psychic and a genuinely lovely person and once my reading was over I asked her if she had ever read animals, her answer was no, but was willing to give it a go. We arranged for her to visit my two horses to see if she could read them, the results were amazing, I was shocked by the accuracy, it even came to light about an incident many years ago that even I was not aware off and a very small scar was the proof!!!

I cannot recommend Katy enough for psychic readings for either yourself or your animals - you never know you may find something out about them you never knew!!!

Cara Dobbins - Glossop

"Have had a fascinating reading from Katy, which has confirmed to me why I wanted her to do the reading in the first place! I feel huge changes coming in, very much on the same wavelegnth - totally helpful. Thank you."

 Brigit Forsyth (Actress)

" A very good reading with Katy. I could connect with a lot of the things that she said and was very touched by her comments. I found the reading quite calming and will definitely come again in the future. Many thanks."


"Had a reading with Katy today, who I feel totally connected to. Her energy is warm and affectionate, and makes me feel motivated to carry on with life the way I do now, but to be more open / aware to develop the 'gift' I'm not sure how to use. I was re-assured it will happen, and to keep up with the energy I kave. Thanks Katy."

Yvonne J

"Katy, you've changed my life.x All the thanks in the world xx."


" Fascinated and gob-smacked at the same time! Thank you!"

Lisa H

After first meeting Katy about two years ago after a bout of illness I began to realise that all the signs I had received and situations that happened to me that I already new about were not just coincidence. I have been 'gifted' since being a young girl when I used to see and talk to my late grandad at regular intervals. Always seeing, always knowing ... did other people see or hear the things that I did? Sometimes I would be so scared I would cry. I really didn't know which way to turn. During my teen years which were, unfortunately for my parents, a little rebellious, this gift left me.... or so I thought...

During times of strife or unhappiness, I always knew that there was someone there to help me? Was this my late grandad? Maybe. But now I know for sure it was my spirit guides knudging me along to this spirtual path.

The 'blast' I have received since meeting Katy and knowing that I am not 'mad' has sent me to another dimension.

The feelings, sightings and understandings are all too real. They're not coincindences. They are amazing. The meditations, the messages I receive are truly wonderful and help fulfil my life purpose.

I am eternally grateful to Katy for leading me along this path. Sometimes it has been hard, scary and long but I've come out the other side with so much knowledge, reassurance and dignity.

With love always.

Sharon Wright