Learn How to use Ear Candles


Our Practical Ear Candling Enhanced Edition ebook for the iPad, can help you to learn how to use ear candles in your own home.

Whether you just want to learn how to use ear candles at home so that you can perform ear candling treatments for your family or friends, or you are thinking of training to become a professional holistic therapist, these enhanced edition ebooks for the iPad contain, text, pictures, videos and audio clips which describe how to:-

  • Why you need to perform a consultation before performing an ear candling treatment and how to perform one.
  • How to set up your treatment room to perform a relaxing ear candling treatment
  • Video clips and text descriptions of how to complete the ear candling treatment
  • An audio clip which acts as a verbal list to help with timing and which guides you through the ear candling treatment.

Learn how to use ear candles

Our Practical Ear Candling Enhanced Edition ebook is a great reference book to help you learn how to use ear candles at home.

Ear candles operate like a chimney, drawing out any impurities towards the surface. A mild soothing suction that stems from the burning process lifts any type of loose debris.

The natural movement of the flame acts to delicately massage the eardrum, this has the immediate effect of regulating the pressure system, and results in a perceptible pressure regulation of the sinuses.

This enhanced ebook, uses text, video and audio clips to demonstrate how to perform an ear candling treatment.


If you would like to perform ear candling as a professional treatment then why not try either our hopi ear candling distance learning course or our one day attendance hopi ear candling training course.